Fr Cn De Es Pt It

Who We Are

Our difference

We want to make you feel at home instantly when you arrive in your Paris flat and help you live in the City of Lights like a Parisian.

First of all, we are interested in YOU.

What kind of a universe would you like to find in your Paris pied-à-terre?

We will ask you to send us a few photos of those you love and integrate them in the decorum of your apartment.

We'll want to know your favourite French poets, writers, singers, composers, actors, directors.

When you arrive your selected music will start playing when you turn the key of your Parisian home.

The pictures of your family and friends will be present.

You will be entering a universe of your own: your home in Paris.

During your stay we endeavour to entrust you the secrets of Paris. Julie, our personal shopper will accompany you shopping if you wish. We can also just provide you with a list of our 'confidential' addresses.

We know the best 'coloriste' of Paris, Rodolphe, who will welcome you like a very special client. You may sit next to Johnny Hallyday or Sophie Marceau while getting the exact tone you always wanted for your hair.

We have studied all the best kept beauty secrets of the stars and know where to get what in Paris.

We can accompany you or just arm you with advice and an itinerary made especially for you according to your preferences and desires.

We can provide you with a French teacher who comes to your home 1h/day during your stay to teach you basics or fine-tune your French language skills.

We can enrol you in the cooking classes of the Ritz hotel 'L'Ecole Escouffier' so that you will go back to your country as a Chef!

You will be able to spend a day in the World's most prestigious spa and have a drink at the bar where Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald used to hang out.

Or maybe you would simply want to know the bars and restaurants preferred by the locals because they have good food for a decent price and above all they do have a soul.

On Montmartre people enter 'their' bistro like their living-room. It is where they meet their spiritual family. 'Les copains d'abord' has remained the leitmotif of the local community and one couldn't imagine a day without meeting one's friends in the bistro. Some have several bistros but are loyal to each in that they visit them at least once a day. Don't think those people have a leisure-life, they just set their priorities, they chose a lifestyle where warmth, friendship and togetherness count most.

We will initiate you to the Montmartre art de vivre.

Before you leave you will have discovered the most representative poets and writers, both classic and contemporary. We will show you where famous artists used to live, but also tell you who are currently the most promising creators and make you meet them, if you wish.

Some of our favorite contemporary painters are Vincent Magni (Galerie Modus, Place des Vosges), Jacky Servos-Bellec, Jean-Marc Guéroux, Frédérique Chemin.

Our preferred writers are Lola Lafon (whom we also appreciate as an electro-balkanic musician), Undine Gruenter (the most Parisian of Germans, actually 'une Montmartroise') and Bill Bonner (a Paris and Ouzilly-based American).

We love Tom Ge as an 'auteur-compositeur', Max Boublil as a comic, and we are crazy about the concert pianist Mario Feninger.

We'll present them to you, they are alive, now, and - as Gertrude Stein would say: Stop regretting that you don't own a Picasso. There was a time when you could have bought one.

In spite of its stunning beauty Paris is not a museum, it is as alive as ever and the artists are its life force, its élan vital.

Our Services...

All our studios are equipped with...

— Unlimited high-speed Internet access (LAN or wireless)
— Cable TV with international channels
— Phone
— Linens and towels
— Fully equipped kitchen with cook- and tableware
— Electric water boiler and coffee machine
— Toaster
— Iron and ironing board
— Hairdryer

Optional services...

— Proposal dinner in a 'private 5 star restaurant', reserved for you only
    Imagine a place conceived uniquely to match the purity of...
— Personal Shopper services
    While seemingly dressing your body, she will in fact be dressing your...
— Literary itineraries through Paris with or without guide
— Reservation of Opera, Concert, Theatres
— Reservation of 'hard-to-book' Paris restaurants
— Initiation to the French language by private teacher
— A day in Paris in company of our special guide
— Chauffeur services
— Tailor-made itinerary and guidance for your private Paris
— Introduction to the best kept beauty secrets of Paris
— Recommendation of our favorite local restaurants, cafés and bars
— Fresh fruit plate at your arrival
— Mini-bar filled with your favorite drinks
— Food package per your requirements
— Maid service
— Laundry pick-up service
— Airport pick-up

Les studios de Paris
2-4, rue Androuet Paris - 75018