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Jes, the Adventurer

   Jes the Adventurer

Today we want to present you Jes, the Adventurer. When we had our first email exchanges, Jes struck me by signing Love and Peace, instead of 'Kind Regards' or 'Yours Sincerely' ...

I proposed him 'Jeremy of So-Pi' our most special apartment the spirit of which Jes immediately captured. He was able to extract the essence of a place beyond materialism where the positive energy it emanates was enough to feed his soul and imagination. We became friends in the lapse of a week Jes spent in Paris and I was graced with a beautiful poem and a witty 'critique' of the 'Jeremy of So-Pi' apartment which I would like to present you here. (I suggest to read our 'Jeremy of So-Pi' presentation first to get the full meaning of Jes' prose)

(You can read more from Jes and his travel writer friend Wesley on

And here's Jes:

"After a bit of confusion we found the address, met Eva (property manager) and 19 Vintimille became my home the next 7 days. It usually takes me a couple of days to get into the groove of my surroundings and as that rings true for every other aspect of my holiday the studio itself was cozy and I instantly felt comfortable in it's setting (not to mention the compliments of a nice bottle of wine from Eva). I consider that a very nice touch!

I especially liked the setup of my new space. The ground floor with its entry and kitchen and the 2nd level mezzanine both worked as sitting room and bedroom w/ its very comfortable foldout loveseat (it took Eva and I both to open it correctly the 1st time I decided to use it) and bathroom/shower. I was completely set up with cable/DVD/flat screen TV; wireless internet and a landline on both levels. I could so totally live in this space…well, forever I believe.

Ever since I downsized my life I don't really need supersizing now do I? Sure a few comfort things are nice but I could live without a dishwasher and if I was staying longer than the 7 days of clothes I packed for…there's a place just down the road to wash em.

If Jeremy and his wife Charlie could manage just fine at this address until after conceiving and moving on to something bigger than 200 sq. ft. then certainly I could be very comfortable in the same space (there's a story about them and an energy that makes 19 Vintimille a happy place to be because it's former residents have given it a happy life…and that gives it the inspiration and energy for those of us who want to experience true Parisian living).

So…maybe this place isn't for everyone (the bathroom door handle fell off if you pulled too hard, the DVD player made loud noises like it was going to eat you etc. etc.). But…the home I lived in for nearly 8 years had its imperfections and they simply become endearing as looking at our own imperfections we learn to love about ourselves when we look in a mirror.

Here I began each morning with my coffee (had to purchase an American size mug) and my journal looking out from the 2nd story window (and one night nearly a whole bottle of wine while people watching out of that same window and catching some of the most interesting situations…the wine making it more comical of course).

I was situated near Moulin Rouge in an area known as So-Pi (south of Pigalle in Montmartre )! Sounds like So-Co and I kind of like the idea if they called the area of Burleson Rd where I used to own E-Co for East of Congress don't you think???

Anyway, what a great area to be! I had everything I needed right outside my door (or if I chose to stay in)! I did a little of both. I even managed to become a member of a video rental place in which you're supposed to be a resident to join. And I had a full kitchen to cook most of my own meals (usually simple cheese omelets with something nice from the corner bakery to accompany it).

Everything is an easy metro ride away (even if I did wander around the metro station lost several times heading in the wrong direction). There was always a friendly Parisian to help guide me out of the maze. I wonder where the French get this reputation of not being friendly?

I've personally not had that experience other than the sometimes frustration that comes from both ends where language is a barrier. This I've experienced in every country I've been to and I do constantly make a joke of the fact that I know just the one language and in the same breath thank whomever I'm speaking with for all their efforts.

I always have to laugh at this because they're always saying to me in their broken English that they don't speak it so well and I am responding with "well, it's more than I can speak in your language". I've got down Bonjour, Merci, Pardon and Au revoir (about all I had practice with and sounding to myself like a bit of a Texas drawl to it).

I think maybe it's just an attitude of the individual making the judgment in the 1st place. I mean…I look at it like this, if a loud obnoxious "anyone" is demanding me to give them attention I'm not going to be so friendly to them probably. Doesn't really matter if you're French, or Dutch or American does it?

So... some quality time spent with Shell and some nice photo opts while strolling about the streets of Paris (best described in visual form and my best to label those places that I sometimes have no idea where and what I'm taking a picture of…because I just see something that looks visually stimulating to my eye).

By day we did some of the less tourist things. I didn't spend a Euro on anything other than expensive small café noir/crème (to be savored while people watching at a nice outdoor café), the occasional Parisian meal w/ wine (mostly stuck to the bakeries and true, I could live off bread and cheese…and wine). I'd treat myself to and a special gift for mom (had to have something very Parisian). I'd purchased a metro week pass which I'd highly recommend to anyone that plans to be in Paris a few days. Even though I'm a big time walker I got my monies worth out of it.

We went out dancing one night at Follies Discotheque! (I danced…Shell mostly watched)!

Really…I could sit here and go on and on about all the great things I saw and did but I'll allow the pictures to tell their story. Any questions…you know how to contact me. Read between the lines if you will…there's always a lot between the lines.

I'm proud of myself for being able to make a budget work for me when need be. I am once again, living proof that if I want to do something bad enough all I have to do is put my mind to it and then just do it. I already knew this city would be more expensive than some other places I've been.

Ask me how I did it and I'll tell ya…its simple willpower really! And trust…I fully enjoyed it and treated myself well and most important…I felt sort of Parisian (about the best I could feel in such a short time) and I don't even speak the language! And get this... I can go back any time and rent a DVD…how kewl is that!

And if you must know…it sometimes takes me all day with many breaks along the way to get one of these journal entries out (today I've seen it rain, get sunny, sleet and rain again at least 6 times)…maybe I'll take Eva up one day on taking some time there (or somewhere) to write that book I've been meaning to write (I'm sure that'll take a few real season weather changes)!

Paix et Amour

Au revoir, Jes

Back Across the Pond

A poem from Jes

Initial connection

Your journey meets mine.
And we dance in unison,

Wondering if we've danced this dance before?
Or is it our first time?

We celebrate its magical form.
Presenting itself,

Maybe in another life
A different form perhaps,
our journey never really ending.

Just the ebb and flow,
Weaving in and out of one another's lives,
Our soul mates many.

Reaching out

Grasping for something tangible.


Only to change form once again

and cross paths again
in some other form yet to be experienced.

peace and love

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"Allow the Journey to take you One Step
Further…Another Dimension across the
Pond…Expect the Unexpected beyond the Limits"

You're traveling thru another dimension, a
dimension not only of sight and sound but of
mind, a journey into a wondrous land whose
boundaries are that of imagination.

That's the sign post up ahead. Your next stop...

Jes and his friend Wesley are the editors of a website about Texas, life, love and art, which I'd like to recommend you very warmly:

Have a look and make friends with these 'wild guys' who will hopefully make Paris their second home.

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