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VI - Perry Ah Why

Painting by Jean-Marc Guéroux

On the Butte, there are a few haute couture jewels known only to the happy few. One of these places is Perry Ah Why, located at 4 Rue Androuet.

Ah Why is the designer’s real surname, pronounced phonetically in Hawaiian. Perry’s Asian origins are hinted at by his beautiful skin tone and round brown eyes. A tall, slim and almost frail and delicate figure, infused with the kindness of the Country of Smiles.

Elisa brought him sumptuous embroidered fabrics for bridal saris, purchased in India, or her latest finds from the Marché St. Pierre. Perry always found just the right cut to enhance the structure of the cloth and the body of Elisa, who loved Western-style ethnic adaptations. An evocation of a sari, draped material reminiscent of Greek togas… Perry sculpted women into goddesses.

For Elisa, dresses that she might buy from Valentino or Kenzo remained high-quality ready-to-wear items. At Perry Ah Why, she had her own haute couture workshop and a designer for whom she was the muse for the time it takes to make a dress. The wonderful discussions between the designer and his model made her an integral part of the act of creation. She wore Perry’s designs, proud that she had helped to give them form.

Located just across from Ali’s convenience store, the famous Collignon shop from Amélie, the Perry Ah Why atelier is a world in which fairies meet princesses and goddesses descend from the heavens to visit the enchanted Butte of Designers.

Les studios de Paris
2-4, rue Androuet Paris - 75018