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XV - Géraldine Valluet - Orfèvre

Painting by Jean-Marc Guéroux

Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, lapis lazuli, moonstones… Géraldine Valluet’s world floats on the surface of noble materials.

Géraldine’s jewellery is subtle, shimmering with refined elegance. From the start, it fascinated Japanese customers, whose own culture recalls the airiness and fine craftsmanship of her creations. Today, Parisians are quick to spread the word about her shop on the Rue Houdon, no longer reserved for those in the know.

Elisa had met Géraldine for the first time on a beach in Greece. With her goddess body, Géraldine seemed to take form from the turquoise transparency of the Aegean Sea. The aquamarine-coloured storefront of her shop on the Butte Montmartre always reminded Elisa of their first encounter. Even then, Elisa had admired the sophistication that Géraldine added to beach life, a blend of hippie simplicity and natural elegance.

Géraldine’s Montmartre workshop is steeped in serenity. Like other women from the neighbourhood, Elisa liked to stop by for a cup of green tea, infused with the calm and lightness of Géraldine’s simple space.

As for the jewellery, each of the specially selected stones or precious metals gives off a characteristic energy. You can even feel Géraldine’s own harmony, which stimulates all of these vibrations, marking each piece with her imprint.

With her fine skills of observation, the goldsmith of the Rue Houdon divines the personality of each of her customers and offers them exclusive, ultra-contemporary and tailor-made creations. “Slip on one jewellery creation by Géraldine and you’re dressed,” a designer on the Butte once said. Elisa’s mind was filled with images of all the beautiful women in Montmartre wearing a single piece of jewellery as their clothing, including the statue of St. Denis in the Square Suzanne-Buisson and the saints of Sacré Coeur.

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