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IV - Le village

Painting by Jean-Marc Guéroux

Elisa stopped in to hear Clara* sing. Although an improbable concert venue, this little café was a favourite amongst the Montmartre community and was always packed. The words of “Les Amants d’un Jour” floated down the Rue des Abbesses. It was a winter night. Elisa, who didn’t like crowds, stood to the side, enjoying this Christmas ambience in which a single voice, that of Clara, filled the entire neighbourhood.

At Le Village, everything happened around the bar or on the five tiny tables on the terrace. The cheerful owner herself served the customers. Everyone knew each other and made up one big, happy family. The owner hummed a song by Claude-François playing on the radio. A regular ordered a beer, sat down at the bar and sang along with her.

Elisa drank a creamy and comforting hot chocolate. A real one, made with milk and not hot water. Someone paid her a compliment. She didn’t know anyone here, but she was welcomed with open arms.

You can sit back and relax here, flipping through one of the many magazines laid out for the customers.

Le Village isn’t known for its decoration, which is unpretentious. The place is miniscule, but it has a soul and a wonderful owner. It overflows with friendliness, life, warmth and humanity.

*Clara Quennefranc

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2-4, rue Androuet Paris - 75018