Fr Cn De Es Pt It

II - Coquelicot

Painting by Jean-Marc Guéroux

Here, you can get a soft-boiled egg and strips of toast to dip in it for just euros 2.50. It’s like stepping into your childhood kitchen. The coffee and hot chocolate come in big steaming bowls and, even in the dining area on the first floor, you are surrounded by the delicious smell of baking bread.

Elisa went every morning to buy her fresh baguette at Coquelicot, and then once again in the evening. In reality, she only ate one-quarter of the baguette but she always bought a whole one… just in case an unexpected friend would show up. Although she only drank green tea, she also prepared coffee each morning. Elisa believed that, just as a house without a piano has no soul, a residence must be filled with the smell of fresh coffee each morning to be able to be called a home.

Elisa loved leaving her building at the Place Jean-Baptiste Clément (the author of Le Temps des Cérises), crossing the Place Emile Goudeau and running down the hill of the Rue Ravignan to her favourite bakery, where the bread was both soft and crisp, where people were happy to queue up to wait for this basic element of the art of living that accompanies all French gastronomy: a fresh baguette...

What a pleasure to take a bite of the fresh, warm baguette (and one bite might not be enough) on the way home, while climbing back up to the top of the Butte !

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