Fr Cn De Es Pt It

XVI - Jacky Gaudin, Boucher

Painting by Jean-Marc Guéroux

Elisa ate meat so rarely that she might have been mistaken for a vegetarian, which was not the case. She loved to watch people eat when they took visible pleasure in their meal. Just watching them was meal enough for Elisa.

When her friend Jym, a native of the Auvergne region who had moved to England, arrived in Montmartre, they visited the shops on the rue des Abbesses. Deprived of Parisian delis, Jym was excited to see the butchers with their striped aprons who boasted of their different types of sausage, the tenderness of their fillets and their lower part of sirloin. His enthusiasm was so contagious that Elisa was convinced that she actually loved meat.

Then, Jym prepared a meal so incredibly delicious that she wondered how she would be able to live without such amazing moments.

When Jym left, the boot of his old car filled with treasures, Elisa continued to walk by Jacky Gaudin’s butcher shop with a smile traced by her memories. The butcher would always smile back, seeming to understand that without Jym, Elisa wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do with her purchases.

Fortunately, other Montmartre residents were not like her. There was always a long queue in front of the appetising shop of the butcher, famous for his cheerfulness.

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